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DC IMPACT Self Defense

The IMPACT training brings many gifts the most profound of which is the permanent visible, quantifiable change that graduates experience. It comes from learning – deep in their cells – that no creature in nature is defenseless … Their sensitive and appropriate manner are unparalleled by any self-defense training organization I have encountered.”
− Gavin de Becker, Best selling author, The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift´╗┐

Safe, realistic self defense training in the DC metro area

Welcome to DC IMPACT Self Defense! We offer full-force self defense training for adults, teens and children in a safe, supportive and age-appropriate environment. We teach a repertoire of simple and effective verbal, physical, and psychological strategies through individual and partner practice, drills, and scenarios with male instructors in padded gear. Classes are small to ensure that each student can receive individualized attention from the teaching staff. Please see our current schedule and register for an upcoming class!

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