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DC IMPACT Self Defense

The IMPACT training brings many gifts the most profound of which is the permanent visible, quantifiable change that graduates experience. It comes from learning – deep in their cells – that no creature in nature is defenseless … Their sensitive and appropriate manner are unparalleled by any self-defense training organization I have encountered.”
− Gavin de Becker, Best selling author, The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift´╗┐

Safe, realistic self defense training in the DC metro area

Welcome to DC IMPACT Self Defense! We offer full-force self defense training for adults, teens and children in a safe, supportive and age-appropriate environment. We teach a repertoire of simple and effective verbal, physical, and psychological strategies through individual and partner practice, drills, and scenarios with male instructors in padded gear. Classes are small to ensure that each student can receive individualized attention from the teaching staff. Please see our current schedule and register for an upcoming class!

Hear From our Grads

“Fantastic, practical course.  I would recommend to any man or woman who wants to learn effective self-defense. The skills are applicable to real life, and streamlined so that the learning isn’t overwhelming.   Carol is a wealth of information and Tim added so much by playing the villain.” -J.S. 

“I came to IMPACT to gain some basic self-defense skills and left with so much more.  The class transcends the physical motions and goes on to build both confidence and awareness.  I cannot recommend it enough.” -L. Auerbach

After taking DC IMPACT, I now feel I have something powerful to draw upon if I am ever attacked.  I finally feel like I can do something and that makes all the difference in how I feel about myself. -Donna

“I really liked the self-defense class. It taught me a lot about small changes to implement in my everyday life. I will definitely feel safer and more confident with this knowledge! -Eliza

“After this class, I felt much more familiar with my options. One of the most important things is knowing what to do so you can get past the frozen phase.” -Tyler

“DC IMPACT has made me feel energized and prepared for impossible-seeming situations. Would recommend  to anyone, especially those struggling with confidence or empowerment. The real-life situations and positions are more practical and useful than simple fighting techniques. Thank you, DC IMPACT! -Anya

“Very intense and valuable. The scenarios were super realistic and the class organized and well-designed. I’m glad I did it.”  -Hanna

 “I learned more about de-escalation and the effect of presence in five hours than I have in my whole life.” -Anonymous

“Great class! I feel so much more confident in my ability to protect myself should I need to. Going to recommend the class to everyone I know.” -Marsea 

“The instructors were very good, and they offered practical, useful, real-life techniques that will help us know what to do if we ever find ourselves in danger. They fit a lot of instruction into a short amount of time and we left feeling like we have some tools in our pocket . Carol Middleton was very professional as were the male instructors.” -Todd O.